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How to Install a Kitchen Faucet
Shut off the water supply to the sink before you begin. You can shut off the water main which supplies the entire house, or you can turn off the water supply using the valves under the sink. Turn on the old faucet to make sure you've shut off the water supply. If your new faucet came with a rubber gasket, you can skip this step. Otherwise, squeeze out a smooth line of silicone caulk onto the bottom and inner edge of the base plate of the faucet assembly. Then press it firmly into place so you'll have a watertight seal. Next, get back under the sink and place the washers and nuts on the protruding stem pieces. Just tighten the nuts slightly for now. If your faucet didn't include a long socket for tightening those nuts, you'll find it easiest to use a basin wrench.